Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Silchar offers a post-graduate program (M.Sc.) and Ph. D. programs in Mathematics, and the department also offers various UG and PG courses to other engineering departments of NIT Silchar. The details of these programs are provided below. Read and find out what you need.


The M.Sc. program in Mathematics provides advanced knowledge in various areas of Mathematics. The program is designed such that a student can compete it based on advanced coursework alone. However, the students are given the option to concentrate on a problem by substituting some of the courses with equivalent project work.
The M. Sc. is a two-year program, where all four semesters are spent doing theory, computation, and project & dissertation work. A project & dissertation work commences in the last semester of the program. The project typically has a strong research component.


The Ph.D. program is a post-graduate program focused on original research, that can lead to publications in premier conferences or journals. It is the highest level of degree that a student can achieve. Students are required to do some courses in the first few semesters (course work required can vary based on student background), but soon move on completely to research. All Ph.D. Scholars learn teaching skills during tutorial classes with faculties in B.Tech. courses. After completing the Ph.D. program the scholar is capable of understanding significant particulars of Mathematics.